Ergonomic Work Stations

Ergonomics is a bioengineering term that refers to identifying and fixing problems with our bodies to promote a healthier future. We hear tips like “position your keyboard and your mouse properly” and “position your computer screen properly.” These are useful tips, but the industrial world also needs to take measures to promote ergonomic health.

Many times, jobs have us doing repetitive motions, and these are not always good for our bodies. Ergonomic workstations and accessories exist so we can reduce the negative impact on our bodies as well as improve our comfort, so we can be more productive. Having a safe and healthy workplace minimizes the need for worker’s compensation and time off, which helps your business run more efficiently.

Features and Benefits of Ergonomic Work Stations
There are countless options when choosing an ergonomic workstation, and they are all very convenient. Components can be added or removed, and they can be adjusted – typically from about 27 to 40 inches. They are many top surfaces with bases made of steel, and the heavy-duty workstations can hold up to 2,000 pounds.

There are ergonomic workbenches to fit the needs of all industries, too. These include, but are not limited to, assembly benches for manufacturers, LAN stations for networking gurus, packaging workstations for warehouses, and maintenance workstations. Regardless what type of ergonomic workstation it is, they can be made mobile on locking casters, so you know your workplace is steady and sturdy.

Like all other workplace solutions, workstations work to optimize product flow while improving efficiency and promoting safety. Ergonomic workstations maximize space and improve comfort for the users.

Ergonomic Work Station Accessories
There are also countless other ergonomically proficient solutions for employees. For example, scissor lift tables can lift, hold, and transfer your items around the warehouse or the office. They are versatile and easy to use, and most of them come with added safety features, such as a toe guard to prevent users from getting their toes pinched in it.

Two other examples of accessories that are available to promote ergonomic health in your workplace are ergonomic pallet positioners and tillers. Working with a heavy pallet is not easy, and it makes users prone to painful injuries, especially when this is done daily. By using products like these, you can easily load and transfer bulky items without putting too much stress on your body.

Many other workplace solutions are available to make your workplace safer. These include tote dumpsters, self-elevating tables, hydraulic post tables, die tables, lift and tilt work products.

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