Modular Benches

Configuring an effective workstation for handling materials is among the most critical considerations for efficiency and work quality that a business will face. A poorly designed workbench can lead to decreased productivity and work quality, as well as cause ergonomic problems for workers.

Customized modular benches help solve the problems associated with a non-optimized workspace. By customizing a modular workbench to fit the unique needs of your business, you increase productivity, improve the work quality and efficiency of operations, and decrease the likelihood of injury for employees in the workplace.

Customizable Workbench Configuration
You can customize modular industrial workbenches to fit the exacting specifications and requirements of any workspace and any worker. Benches are available in both fixed and adjustable heights, with modular legs that allow you to change the height and readjust as needed. Also, several models come with a mechanical or hydraulic lift to raise or lower the work surface easily. This allows employees to allow for varying height parts  to choose to work standing or sitting.

Consider adding caster kits for benches requiring mobility. You can select the length and width of the bench to fit a specific workspace venue or shape, including for difficult-to-fit locations.

We carry a wide range of workbench accessories that allow you to further customize. Meet workspace storage needs by using modular drawers of varying sizes, filing cabinet drawers, riser shelves, riser shelves with duplex receptacles or lower shelves for items that are less frequently accessed. The correct size and number of drawers or shelves improve productivity and workflow by ensuring tools and supplies are on hand at all times. Other options such as Pop Up Ball Workbenches to help transfer materials already in production can also be ordered.

Companion cabinet bases, backstops, side stops, and pedestals may also be added based on preference or requirement.

You can design a modular bench for use while sitting or standing. Many companies use customized modular benches to meet the ergonomic requirements of people of all heights, providing safety, comfort and posture support for employees.

Surfaces to Fit Your Work Needs
Modular benches permit use of a variety of surface types. These include stainless and heavy-duty steel options, plastic laminate, and electrostatic-dissipative (ESD).

For those who like a wood work surface, compressed wood and laminated maple and butcher block options are available, with a multitude of options of colors and finishes available.

Bench Solutions for Businesses
The legs of these benches can accommodate duplex receptacles for power supply for tools or other needs. If selected, risers and panels can also be configured to include in-console duplex outlets to meet your electrical needs. A customized bench ensures the workspace needs of your operation are met while eliminating inefficiencies in use of space per square foot for work and storage of commonly used tools and supplies. Modular benches are constructed with a sturdy steel base, and they can withstand years of heavy use without showing signs of wear and tear or damage.

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