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Shop Tables


Workstations ensure employees work efficiently and productively when performing the operations; they need to. In addition,it gives them a sense of ownership of their space. During the shift, the workstation in the plant or warehouse provides each staff member a home base. They can leave personal items there and will perform much of their work at this location.

Well-organized workstations ensure everything is readily available to staff members. Part of the workstation is the work surface, provided by the heavy-duty shop table.

Shop tables are sturdy multi-purpose tables on which manual labor can be done such as metalworking, packaging, machinist work, food preparation, and laboratory work.

Shop tables come in a variety of styles. The tables range from simple flat butcher block (laminated maple) wood surfaces to extra strong 7-gaugeand double reinforced 12-gauge steel tops, that are adjustable, mobile, and continuous. They are available with cabinets, drawers, lighting, magnifying glasses, keyboard trays, monitor holders, plastic binsand attached pegboards.

Selecting the right one requires careful consideration.Consider the tools that will be used, if chemicals are involved, the average height of the person using the shop table, and whether the person will be standing or sitting.

Standard Flat Top Shop Tables

A conventional flat top table is one of the most popular styles. The table surface may be solid wood laminated maple butcher block, 7 or 12-gauge stainless steel, chemical resistant, plastic laminate, or static resistant. Weight capacities are generally very high to accommodate heavy work tools and heavy-weight workloads. They can be stationary, rolling, and adjustable. Some have four legs, six legs, or lower cross-members.

Adjustable Height Shop Tables

This is the most popular kind of shop table used among many industries. The table top can be raised or lowered as needed. It’s perfect for those who must multi-task. Adjustable height shop tables typically come in manual, electric crank, and hand crank styles. Adjustable legs permit table height positioning anywhere from 27- 41 inches.

Mobile Shop Tables

A variety of shop tables are on wheels. Most have four-swivel, 6” x 2”, phenolic caster wheels for easy maneuvering. The brakes keep it stationary once you have the table in place.

Security and Organization

Many shop tables come with built-in storage options. Even the smallest shop tables take up space in your work facility, so it’s smart if you can use them to store your toolsor personal items safely and in an organized manner.

The drawers and cabinets are customizableto fit your needs.You can purchase shop table cabinets with mesh, transparent, or steel doors. They are available with a keyed, 3-point latching mechanism, or you can buy one with a locking storage drawer.

Special features

Some shop tables have rollers or ball transfer tablesbuilt into the top surface. These rollers allow workers to move heavy objects over the top of the table with little effort.

Some shop tables can be secured in place to create work bays. These tables, most at the height of 38”, allow employees to sit on stools while working.

Many shop table legs have knock-outs available for duplex electrical receptacles. Panels also come with duplex outlets and circuit breakers.

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