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Stronghold Heavy Duty Bench

Strong Hold workbenches are robust and hardy and “seriously strong.” With a 99-year warranty, the manufacturers of these “Made in the USA” workbenches, are guaranteeing the product is sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

Strong Hold products’ construction is all from extremely tough 12-gauge stainless steel are “all welded.” This means there are no bolts or rivets in joins and seams. The construction is solid. They arrive fully assembled and ready to go.

Strong Hold Heavy Duty Work Bench Users

Users of Strong Hold benches span across the spectrum – tool & die, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, warehouses, and educational organizations. The durability and strength of these workbenches make them ideal for any number of tasks and processes that require a solid surface such as maintenance and repair workshops, assembly areas, garden nurseries, laboratories, assembly, and production.


Strong Hold’s dedicated workbench variety is large, just over 30 different styles. What’s more, most are available in various sizes, and all the products they make are customizable. The heavy workbench designs include mobile, corner, counter-height, a desk/workbench combination, workbench only, or bench systems fitted with a rear riser shelf.

The key feature of Strong Hold workbenches is the extreme durability of the entire bench. Worktop surfaces are either maple or steel. Built-in storage and shelving in the workbench design stores and secures tools, equipment, and valuables. Compartment door options include three-point lockable swing doors or bi-fold doors. Sliding drawers may be key lockable or without locks.

Bases include benches fitted with skid legs, so there is a gap for forklifts to lift the cabinet, solid enclosed bases that utilize and optimize all available space or mobile workbench options on caster wheels. Customization options for Strong Hold workbenches include pegboards for hanging tools, adjustable and slide-out shelves, side rails, wire partitions, and dividers, duplex receptacles, fluorescent or LED light fixtures, bins, and backboards.

Choosing Your Style and Working Safely

When choosing a workbench, it is essential to consider the type of work for which you will be using it. Select features and options for storage and security according to your needs. Where you store equipment, tools, and any components or items you may frequently use throughout the workday should be within easy reach. Items less regularly used can be stored away in compartments and drawers. If security is an issue, or you keep dangerous equipment or hazardous materials, consider locking options for doors and compartments. Plan your workbench, so it is at an appropriate height for workers to stand at, or sit at, comfortably and ergonomically.

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