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Your employees need to know their personal property is safe and secure. Box lockers help eliminate clutter too.

Provide your workers with secure lockers that will help them relax and focus on the job at hand, minimizing possible theft problems.

Locker Types

Single Tier Lockers– Have enough room for just about any secured storage application. They are ideal for hospitals, factories, schools, and other operations where coats and clothing are to be kept secure and neat.

Double tier lockers-Double Tier Lockers feature two openings high per locker, giving you twice as many lockers in the same space as a standard single tier locker, still providesadequate room for hanging jackets and shirts.

Triple Tier Lockers -Are perfect for some factories, warehouses, health clubs, gymnasiums and other applications where ample storage must be balanced with maximizing space.

Duplex Lockers– Sometimes referred to as two-person lockers, provide plenty of storage space for two users in a 15″ wide space. These are the most economical full-length locker on the market today. The Duplex lockers give you two completely private lockers in each frame.The upper box doors are controlled by command latches located in the corresponding lower wardrobe compartment.

Box lockers-Are your answer to securely store smaller items like lunches, purses, books and athletic gear. This efficient configuration gives clubs, schools, workplaces,and hospitals the needed secure storage. Available 5 or 6 openings high or as a 16-person locker with a coatrod.


Ventilated Lockers– most all of the locker types are available as vented lockers that are constructed with doors and side panels of perforated metal. Vented lockers provide a perfect combination of visibility and ventilation without compromising security. They come in a variety of styles and dimensions suited for a range of establishments, from spas and gyms to schools and workplaces.

C-Thru Lockers-have a clear yet strong acrylic door that offers visibility
of locker contents for security reasons.

Other options available on most lockers include

  • Recessed handles or fingertip latches
  • Number Plates
  • Key or combination locks
  • Closed front and end bases
  • Sloped tops
  • Benches with pedestals
  • Hat shelf and coat rod
  • With or without legs
  • Filler panels for wall to wall installations

ADA Compliant Lockers

Remember when constructing your facilities that lockers, too, must meet the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Single, double, and triple tier lockers may be used to meet the requirements.

To comply, at least 5% of all lockers in the facility, but not less than one, must meet the ADA requirements:

For single tier lockers, the shelf and coat hooks must be lowered to no more than 48 inches above the floor. An extra shelf also needs to be added to bring the bottom of the locker to no lower than 15 inches above the floor. In addition, only recessed handles with multi-point latching meet the ADA specifications.

On double tier lockers, an extra shelf must be added to bring the bottom of the locker to no lower than 15 inches above the floor. Only the lower opening may be used for ADA compliance. Also, only recessed handles with multi-point latching meet the ADA specifications.

For triple tier lockers, an extra shelf needs to be added to bring the top of the middle locker and the bottom of the lower locker to 48 inches and 15 inches above the floor respectively. Only the middle and lower openings may be used for ADA compliance.


Locker GrowthWhen measuring for the number of lockers to order, allow for locker growth. Lockersare assembled so you can add to the width of each row as you add a frame. If you do not allow for this growth, the lockers will not fit in their designated spot.

The rule of thumb is to add 1/16 inch per frame to the overall dimensions. So, to calculate the total length of a row, add 1/16 inch to the frame’s width and then multiply that number by the number of frames in the row. That final number will be the overall length.

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