Food and Beverage


Competition in the food and beverage industry is fierce and profit margins are extremely narrow.  Additionally, inventory and warehouse  managers are tasked not only with keeping track of a growing number of SKU’s from large distributors who manufacture an ever-increasing variation of product, but accommodating the demand for more frequent in-store delivery.

We know that efficient materials handling and storage is essential to ensure the success of your operation — because failure to deliver product can result in stock-outs – the worst thing for any retailer.

At the same time, inventory managers are under tremendous pressure to cut costs, so we deliver cost-effective solutions to help you remain competitive and profitable.

We are dedicated to realizing efficiencies to improve the quality of food and beverage operations.  Our professionals know that a good inventory management system must be able to maximize the use of available space, handle a proliferation of SKU’s, as well as address important health and safety issues associated with consumer products.

Many of our customers in this industry are reaping the benefits of improved handling efficiencies after having implemented push back pallet rack systems, carton flow systems, pallet flow racking and keg flow to mention a few.

Shelving + Rack Systems can help you evaluate alternative material handling and storage equipment, to ensure a smooth-running operation and positive return on investment.  And we offer a free site visit for an initial analysis of your food and beverage operation.

Our professionals are ISO certified and CSA trained, and we continuously maintain our formal quality system to meet all ISO 9002 requirements.  Regardless of the level of challenge, we always guarantee a successful system performance.

We work with vendors that emphasize continuous improvements in all aspects.

We partner with our customers from inception to project completion, acting as your complete source for warehousing system solutions,

Shelving + Rack Systems offers the equipment and solutions you need from quality manufacturers at competitive prices.


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