Pushback Racking


Warehouse space issues have you down? Shelving + Rack Systems’ inventory of adaptable pushback racks can help.

Pushback pallet rack systems allow businesses to store more product in less space by packing your storage cube with palletized loads—not aisles. And, while selective pallet racks allow for single-pallet depth, pushback systems can hold inventory up to six pallets deep, all while maintaining an ability to manage and locate SKUs.

The design:

Pushback racks employ high-performance skate wheels and a slight downward slant to allow gravity to do all the hard work. By placing palletized loads on nested carts, forklifts gently push racks backward as new product is loaded. When product is removed from the rack, the cart behind slides into place to await picking, thus keeping inventory at the front of your cube.

When compared to traditional systems, pushback rack:

  • Increases total pallet count while offering more pick faces than traditional high-density storage systems like drive-in and/or drive-thru racking
  • Allows efficient use of space with limited sacrifice in product accessibility
  • Is perfect for temperature-specific storage applications
  • Reduces your storage costs and utilizes space more efficiently
  • Provides simple and effective selectivity
  • Is available with a variety of different cart deck, color and type options.

If you’d like to speak with a representative about your specific needs—and whether pushback racking may be a good fit—please contact us at 1-844-589-RACK (7225). We look forward to speaking with you!


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