Save Money and Boost Productivity With A More Efficient Order Picking System

Carton flow rackEfficient Order Picking Flow System

Your facility is the heart of your business, yet it can also be the area where you are losing the most money. When it comes to operational costs, order picking represents a huge, labor-intensive process that consumes most of your resources. However, a well-designed warehouse with the right inventory management solutions can increase efficiency, decrease processing time, boost productivity, all while making the most of your space. Your ability to process and fulfill orders quickly and accurately hinges on how your inventory is stored. Are your employees able to navigate your facility with ease, or are they constantly struggling to move products around or locate items at a snail’s pace? At Shelving + Rack Systems, we provide customized inventory management solutions that transform your order fulfillment processes from slow and costly into money-saving efficiency.

What Products Help Streamline Order Picking?

Shelving + Rack Systems offers a full-spectrum of solutions that are aimed at organizing your inventory in a way that makes the most sense, including carton flow rack that promotes first in/first out, and keeps slower moving merchandise as easily accessible as faster moving products. We also have carton full width roller lanes that can be dropped into existing rack, meaning that your business does not necessarily need to spend a fortune on all new equipment in order to see improvement. These full wheel beds also help accommodate inventory of all sizes, letting you adjust your inventory configuration so that it best serves your operation.

If you are looking to truly overhaul your facility to promote maximum efficiency, Shelving + Rack Systems can help design customized inventory management solutions that address your products, their individual speed of turnover, and your order picking processes. For example, we can design systems that address both case picking and each picking so that employees can process both types with equal effectiveness. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to bring down those operational costs through effective organization that promotes productive order picking. Contact us and let Shelving + Rack Systems be your partner in taking your business to the next level.