Hand Crank Rolling Shelves in Michigan

In a time when space is at a premium, businesses are looking to maximize their space without compromising the efficiency or accessibility of their storage systems. Mobile storage is the solution you need to ensure you can always find the file and items you need, while still leaving you with ample space for the rest of your business.

Rolling Shelves

Here at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we have designed mobile storage systems that can grow with your company. Our line of hand crank rolling shelves is ideal for companies in industries such as retail, legal, medical, or automotive, that have limited space for long-term storage.

Hand crank rolling shelves take up only a fraction of the space when compared with traditional filing cabinets as they eliminate the need for aisles or multiple storage locations. Moreover, these shelves not only help you to make the most of your space but will also save your company time and money by speeding up location and handling times.

Hand crank rolling shelves are a great alternative to traditional vertical or lateral filing cabinets for housing medical files, legal documents, library archives, and other paper files that need to be stored long-term, but staff need easy access to.

Our system is simple and easy to use. The vertical shelving units are attached to rollers which are mounted on a track attached to the floor. The ergonomic hand crank at the end of each unit turns to allow you to move single or multiple units at a time, creating an aisle between the units, and easily closing again when not in use. Each unit comes equipped with small placards at the end of each shelf identifying the contents of the row to speed up file location.

We also offer our mobile storage with added security features, such as computer access security codes, which allow only authorized people to access sensitive records.

Hand crank rolling shelves

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