Heavy Duty Hand Truck in Michigan

One of the most significant challenges faced by any business is safely and efficiently handling their inventory. Poor handling practices not only risk damage to your product but can also increase the risk of workplace injury and accident, both of which can negatively impact your bottom line. However, the right handling equipment can help your company to increase productivity by decreasing handling times and protecting your employees.

Hand Truck

One of the most efficient and cost-effective pieces of handling equipment is the hand truck. This simple solution is ergonomically designed to allow you to lift large and heavy items repeatedly without strain or injury, and the handling method least likely to cause damage to inventory.

However, for many operations which manufacture or store large or oversized items a standard hand truck does not have a large enough load capacity. For super heavy and oversize items such as appliances, safes and car parts, you need a heavy-duty hand truck.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., our heavy-duty hand trucks are constructed from durable steel which is available with a corrosion-resistant coating to extend the life of the truck.

We offer all our varieties of hand truck in both standard aluminum and heavy-duty construction, including 2-1 convertible hand trucks, hand trucks for going up and down stairs, and even appliance specific trucks.

All our heavy-duty hand trucks are available with 11 different wheel types, so you can customize your handling equipment to suit the needs of your business. You can choose your wheel type depending on the average weight and size of the items to be transported, as well as how frequently the hand truck will be used.

Heavy Duty Hand Truck

Heavy-duty hand trucks are ideal for use in the automotive, construction and agricultural industries but are also an essential piece of handling equipment in the shipping industry.

Let us be your trusted partner for all their storage and material handling concerns and contact us today.



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