Hospitals and Healthcare


Hospital and health care systems are often concerned with consolidating stockroom operations to minimize inventory and assure accurate, efficient, and timely delivery of medical supplies. The time factor is especially crucial in healthcare as any delay in hospital distribution can result in the loss of a life.  Additionally, some medical supplies are under the scrutiny of the federal government, may be temperature-sensitive and have a significantly higher liability than other goods.  Furthermore, inventory managers are faced with the massive responsibility of keeping track of thousands of SKU’s, as well as ensuring the smooth, accurate and timely flow of medical product.

We know that materials handling and storage is essential to ensure patient safety in hospital and healthcare organizations. Our professionals know that while a good inventory management system requires a patient-centered approach, it is also critical to deliver cost-effective solutions to help address the rising cost of medical care.

We are well versed in designing DEA approved cages for drugs that require the storage.

We are well experienced in aiding you in deciding if an automated storage systems- vertical lift modules, vertical carousels-that provide storage density, product security and product rotation will be of benefit to your organization.

We are dedicated to realizing efficiencies to improve the quality of hospital and health care services.  Because inventory managers are under tremendous pressure to cut costs, we help you to evaluate alternative material handling and appropriate storage equipment that can provide a better return on your investment, without compromising patient care.  We offer a free site visit for an initial analysis of your hospital or healthcare organization.

Our professionals are ISO certified and CSA trained, and we continuously maintain our formal quality system to meet all ISO 9002 requirements.  Regardless of the level of challenge, our guarantees a successful system performance.

We are your one stop source for distribution solutions and warehousing equipment.

Our experience coupled with our products lines provides the foundation to provide you the best solutions to your situation.


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