Prevent Costly Heavy-Equipment Collisions In Your Factory and Warehouse with the Installation of Industrial Guard Rails

Industrial Guard RailingIndustrial Guardrail Systems.

Safety is a primary priority for any good operation. From carefully designed protocols to top-quality equipment, a comprehensive safety plan is an investment in both your employees and your business. For example, your forklift operator receives extensive training and you may have procedures in place to prevent accidents. However, even the most experienced operators sometimes experience accidents, and forklift collisions account for costly damage to both merchandise and equipment. Even the smallest of collisions can lead to thousands of dollars in damage to merchandise, people, shelving, racking and even your building’s structure.  While you can’t ensure that your warehouse remains 100% accident free, you can reduce the potential for damage by installing top-quality industrial guard railing. By investing in prevention now, you can safeguard your business and ensure that your facility continues to operate at peak efficiency.

What Options are Available for Warehouse Guard Railing?

Well-manufactured steel guard rails offer amazing protection for your merchandise and equipment, even from extremely heavy-load collisions. However, the type of rails your warehouse or factory needs depends on your square footage, the type of merchandise your operators handle, your equipment, and how the internal workflow functions. For example, a removable guard rail, including types of drop-in guard rails, may be the ideal choice for operations with constantly evolving systems or inventory. A double rail system offers heavy-duty protection for high traffic areas carrying heavy loads, while a single high guard railing may be a more economical option depending on your needs. Fixed barrier rails offer permanent protection for areas like walkways or other spaces that need to remain completely inaccessible to transportation machinery for safety purposes.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, we work with businesses like yours to identify your current needs, and design a customized guard rail system that meets your specifications and budget. Our professional team can help you discern what types of rails your operation will most benefit from, as well as their placement and installation timeline. We invite you to contact us, and we will work closely with you to ensure that both your employees and your profits are protected from accidents.