Industrial Security Cages

Security is the main component when it comes to storage for both individuals and big industry, and Industrial Security Cages by Shelving + Rack Systems allow for secure storage of your dangerous and valuable items with quality materials to ensure the best protection at any scale.

We have a range of options to suit your needs, from home and small businesses solutions to warehouses fit-outs, providing the level of security required to protect your equipment and personnel. Our range includes weatherproof cages for outdoor use, large warehouse solutions, customizable modules and more.

Industrial Security Cage

Wire Cage Considerations

Cage When choosing your Industrial Security Cages, it is important to consider what type of access and protection is required for your stored goods, as this will determine the fabrication of the cage that is best suited for you.

Mesh metal cages are great for storing away everyday items, keeping them out of reach of unauthorized or untrained personnel, while higher security cages are better for locking away valuable or dangerous items. No matter what you choose, all our security cages are designed and fabricated with the best technology to protect your goods from damage and theft. There are also options between ground bolted or mobile units, allowing for easy transfer of your cages if required.

Industrial Security Cages

Modular Designs

If you are starting small and planning to grow, we can help choose the best modular designs, so you can later extend your storage needs. Having the flexibility to customize your storage solutions means you can upgrade, downgrade, rearrange and move your cage storage with ease.

For those wanting to fit out your Industrial Security Cages, we also have a wide range of shelving, rack and storage options available at Shelving + Rack Systems which we can help match to your design for the best use of your space, allowing you to get the most out of your storage.

Let us be your trusted partner for all your storage and material handling concerns.



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