Wire Partitions


Businesses trust their valuable (and dangerous) assets to areas secured by wire partitions for a reason: they’re an economical, safe and easy solution for almost any application.

Also known as “cribbing,” “fencing” or “caging,” wire partitions can be applied to a seemingly endless number of objectives with powerful results.

Regardless of whether you need rectangular mesh, diamond mesh, woven wire or welded wire, our end-to-end consultation and custom-design services can help match your business’s unique challenges with the right wire partition for your venue.

These products are typically used for:

  • Wire partitions, tool cribs, storage cages and security fencing
  • Pharmaceutical and drug storage venues (i.e. “DEA cages”)
  • Secure tenant storage locker
  • Pallet rack and bulk rack enclosures
  • Pallet rack safety backing
  • Machine guards
  • Physical barriers
  • Data centers, colocation facilities, telecommunication providers and broadband networks

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