Is a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM) A Good Solution for Your Business?

Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are exceptionally efficient storage systems. Modula vertical lifts incorporate some of the latest storage technology created for the industry, allowing businesses to save up to 90% of floor space.

Here are some details about VLMs, what they are, how they work, and how they can help your warehouse operations.

What Is a Vertical Lift Module?

A VLM is a completely enclosed system. VLMs are modular, allowing users to add sections as needed.

A Modula vertical lift adds modules that increase the height up to 46 feet high.

The Modula systems occupy 150 square feet of a facility but can store up to 9,000 square feet of product.

The system consists of two columns of trays. The center of the tray has an inserter and an extractor.

One operator, using the control panel, can locate and retrieve the required tray with product.

The units use single or dual tray delivery for moving the product from the tray location to the pickup or restocking point.

Many warehouses use multiple vertical lift modules combined to improve efficiency further.

VLM Advantages

Vertical lift modules offer six critical advantages compared to other types of rack and storage systems:

1. Space Optimization

Facilities vastly improve potential storage density without sacrificing operational efficiency using a VLM.

Trays adjust in increments of less than an inch using the tray sidewall extensions.

Dividers and partitions allow further economies of scale.

2. Simplifies Tasks

The intuitive touch screens make operations fast and straightforward. The software helps with inventory as the VLM automatically updates counts as products are picked or restocked.

3. Saves Time

VLMs makes picking faster, bringing the goods to the operators.

There is no down time since the machine and the operators work in concert to deliver the product to where it must go.

4. Less Loss, More Security

With a vertical module device, product doesn’t fall off racks or get damaged during the delivery process.

The pinpoint accuracy of the inventory and automated record keeping minimizes or eliminates inventory count errors.

VLMs maintains the product within the modules until someone picks the item. This eliminates pilfering and keeps valuable or fragile product safer.

5. Improves Worker Safety

The systems help workers avoid repetitive injuries or back problems by bringing the product to the person, rather than increasing safety concerns by making the worker go to the product to remove or replace it on a shelf.

6. Saves on Costs

Most warehouses recoup the price of a VLM in 6-18 months, so it offers a good return on investment.

Vertical lift modules also save on labor costs as a manager only needs one operator to control the system.

Available Accessories

Users can improve the efficacy of a Modula VLM by adding one or more of the various accessories available, including:

Tray Partitions and Extensions

Partitions allow users to keep more than one item in a tray.

The extensions attach to the tray’s edge so the tray can accommodate bulkier product.

This also permits operators to re-configure trays based on changing requirements.

Point Light Addition

With this addition, an operator can use light technology for picking.

The system directs the extractor to an item using a light directed at the exact location.

Operators can use point light to combine the picking of two or more VLMs, directing items for one order put stored in multiple systems to one central pick up point.

Paneled Structures

A paneled structure permits outdoor installation of a VLM to protect it better from the elements.

Paneled structures are self-supporting with exterior panels surrounding the VLM.

Final Thoughts

Managers should give serious consideration to adding a Modula VLM to warehouse operations.

Given the advantages of a Modula VLM, enterprises will quickly realize not only a return on investment but continuing cost savings and efficiency improvements.

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