Lab and Pharmaceutical


Laboratory and pharmaceutical operations face unique challenges with regard to the proper storage and safe handling of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Ensuring that the correct products are delivered from the wholesale distributor (or manufacturer) to the pharmacy requires careful planning, to ensure the smooth and timely flow of medical product.

Additionally, cleanliness and sanitation are a critical factor in any pharmaceutical operation, as well as in the selection of material handling equipment solutions for clean room use.

We know that while secure environments are essential to address health and safety concerns, time costs are also critical to ensure the success of your operation.  Our professionals have the requisite knowledge and expertise to design efficient material storage, lifting and safety guarding solutions to ensure your operation succeeds.

We are dedicated to realizing efficiencies to improve the quality of laboratory and pharmaceutical operations.  We offer a free site visit for an initial analysis of your laboratory or pharmaceutical organization.

If you handle items that are required to be in a DEA type cage, we can help design one that best suits your needs.

Another solution may be an automated storage system- such as a vertical lift modules or a vertical carousels-these provide storage density, product security and product rotation which may be desirable in your operation.t Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we can help you evaluate alternative material handling and appropriate storage equipment that can provide a better return on your investment.  Our professionals are ISO certified and CSA trained, and we continuously maintain our formal quality system to meet all ISO 9002 requirements.  Regardless of the level of challenge, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., guarantees successful system performance.

As your complete source for storage system solutions, Shelving + Rack Systems Inc., offers the ideas and equipment you need from quality manufacturers at competitively priced.

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