Lab Furniture


Shelving + Rack Systems offers a robust line of remarkable lab products, each designed to:

  • Optimize space and organization
  • Increase productivity
  • Reconfigure easily due to modular design
  • Save time and money

Through heightened functionality and savings, our lab furniture allows organizations to turn their attention toward more important things—like progress.

Among other advantages we bring our customers, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. consults with each venue to create unique workspaces and customized products. As such, a Shelving + Rack Systems-built lab is far more likely to perform well through your specific challenges than an “off-the-shelf” approach.

Within our product line, we offer:

  • Work benches and technical workstations– Clean, orderly work spaces which can be adjusted in height, size and shape. In-unit additions (such as lights and A/C outlets) are available upon request.
  • Lab carts- Available in a number of sizes, makes and finishes
  • Mobile cabinets- Modular in nature for ultimate customization of drawer space
  • Shelving- Available in a number of different materials and sizes, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. customizes shelves based on the products they’ll hold and the space they’re meant for.
  • Storage– Everything from totes and bins to cart covers and boxes.

To learn more about Shelving + Rack Systems lab furniture and accessories, or to speak with a representative about your venue’s configuration, please contact us at 1-844-589-RACK (7225) or simply fill out the form at the left.


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