Mechanical Vertical Lifts For Sale In Michigan

Every company that owns and manages its own fulfillment center needs excellent storage equipment and reliable, efficient machinery that can help optimize the order fulfillment process.

The mechanical vertical lift modules at SRS Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. are the perfect tools to maximize your storage space and increase the speed of your picking process.

Mechanical Vertical Lift

A mechanical vertical lift is a type of electronic vertical storage unit that is made up of an enclosed structure with two columns of trays that have an extractor-inserter between them.

This beautiful engineering masterpiece takes only one person to operate and can hold a myriad of inventory.

All the operator must do is tell the machine what needs to be pulled at the console and the extractor-inserter instantly locates the required trays full of product, retrieves them, and brings them to a bay that can be easily accessed.

The extractor-inserter can be programmed to access up to two trays at a time on high production level days.

Benefits of Having a Mechanical Vertical Lift

What are the real benefits of having this machine besides saving you and your employees from a little extra walking? The answer is two-fold:

  1. Automatic storage units eliminate up to 2/3 of walking and searching time. This increases work efficiency and productivity.
  2. The vertical layout can save you up to 90% of the floor space in your warehouse. This allows for more productive space in your operation where you need it.System IntegrationThe mechanical vertical lift software (otherwise known as Module Warehouse Management software) is easy to interface with just about any ERP system or implemented the stand-alone system. The software is fully featured warehouse management software that provides real-time inventory management.

Mechanical Vertical Lifts


SRS carries a broad selection of mechanical vertical lift sizes along with a large variety of different size trays and other amazing lift accessories that can improve your ease-of-use and increase your productivity.

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Whatever you need, SRS can help make space work… for YOU!

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