Mezzanine Accessories in Michigan

A mezzanine is an extremely useful addition to virtually any warehouse shelving set up. They can effectively double, triple, or quadruple your store space, optimize the amount of product stored per square foot, and offer increased space at a decreased cost without requiring any special modification to the structure of the warehouse building itself.

Mezzanine accessories can help you and your employees in the warehouse make the best possible use fo a new or existing mezzanine.

Mezzanine Accessories

Types of Mezzanine Accessories and Their Uses

A few simple mezzanine accessories are enough to optimize your entire mezzanine and make movement of the product through the warehouse as efficient as it can possibly be.

Vertical ladders are one common addition to mezzanines and can be provided as a standalone addition or in combination with a safety cage. This provides an important means of entrance and egress in case of emergency and can be designed to meet the existing dimensions and layout of your facility and custom designed to meet your needs.

Gates are another necessary addition to almost all mezzanines that are used for product storage. These allow for easy loading and unloading of product. A variety of locking and safety gates are available, and of course, the gate dimensions and features are all completely customizable for your product and mezzanine dimensions. They can usually be installed into your existing infrastructure with little difficulty.

Many facilities may wish to include their existing mezzanine into the larger conveyor system that serves the rest of the warehouse. With the addition of a conveyor belt or inclined conveyor, product can easily be moved from the mezzanine to the ground level for transportation.

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