Mobile Pallet Racking System in Michigan

A mobile pallet racking system, is a high-density storage system for warehouses and other storage spaces, looking to optimize their capacity. Racks are installed on top of laterally sliding bases, which completely removes the need for fixed access aisles and maximizes the amount of storage achievable in a given space. A mobile pallet racking offers secure and sturdy storage, just like fixed racking but allows you to store a much greater number of products or goods in your warehouse.

Mobile Pallet Racking System

Mobility Options

Costs vary as you can choose to purchase a manually operated mobile pallet racking system, whereby units have a crank at the end, which you can use to slide the racks from side to side. Typically, you will turn the crank clockwise to move it to the right and counterclockwise to move it to the left. Moving the units will change the position of the aisle, allowing for access by personnel or forklift trucks.

You may also choose to purchase an electronic system, with built-in motors to move the racks mechanically. Your team of staff and operators can move the racks using a control panel, that will slide the racks and their bases along the tracks. This saves on time and labor.

Simple button controls or control panel units make it easy for your workers to operate the mobile racking system, helping to minimize training requirements and time needed to access a particular pallet.

Cold Storage

These mobile pallet racking systems are ideal for cold storage, freezers or any other storage scenario that requires high-density storage, with limited scope for expansion. Additionally, the pallets will be stored close together, which can aid in cooling and maintaining an even temperature.

You might also find other potential uses for mobile pallet racking systems – please contact us for details and potential use cases to see if they could be right for your business.

Mobile Pallet Racking System

Racking on Rails

When our team installs your mobile pallet racking system, they will assess your warehouse and fit tracks along a portion of your storage area. These tracks guide the laterally sliding bases upon which your racks are placed. They can take an extremely heavy load and will continue to move, even under great burdens, to enable you to access goods or entire pallets at any time.

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