Transform Your Warehouse or Plant With Affordable Modular Buildings From Shelving + Rack Systems

in-plant offices,When it comes to operating your warehouse or plant, you know that finding a balance between cost, speed and ease of installation, flexibility, durability, and effectiveness can be a constant struggle. If you need offices, new buildings, or other specialty shelters, you may find that permanent construction is not only cost-prohibitive, but it also fails to provide you the flexibility to adapt your spaces effectively as your business’s needs change. To combat this disconnect, consider the benefits of modular buildings, like those designed and supplied by Shelving + Rack Systems.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Modular Buildings?

Our buildings are designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of your operation, and offer affordable convenience and flexibility. Our modular wall panels are interchangeable and 100% reusable, meaning that our in-plant offices or modular buildings can be expanded, rearranged or relocated to a new area or facility. Our buildings are pre-engineered, generally eliminating the cost of an architect or engineer’s design services. They are almost always considered capital equipment and not a permanent improvement to your facility, keeping your business from incurring increased taxes associated with property improvements. Because modular buildings are classified as equipment, they usually can be expensed or rapidly depreciated.

What Types of Modular Buildings Does Shelving + Rack Systems Offer?

Whether you need warehouse offices, clean rooms, guard shacks, smoking shelters, or more, we can design a modular building solution that meets your needs. Another option is two-story plant modular offices with a variety of features and add-ons. Our level of customization ensures that your business can find the safe, affordable solutions that your business is looking for, while still providing the flexibility to change, move, or grow as your business evolves. Our modular buildings also install much more quickly than traditional, permanent construction, while still adhering to most building and safety codes.

If your business needs a comprehensive, customized approach to your building or office needs, contact our team to get started on designing the modular solution today.