Modular Equipment Platforms for Sale in Michigan

Modern warehouses and industrial workspaces often contain equipment that is heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to maneuver.

Maybe you have a sizable air compressor that is occasionally operationally required but in reality, spends 95 percent of the time on the floor of your warehouse not being used. Or perhaps you need a bulky dryer that is only used a few days a month yet is still taking up valuable room in your workspace.

Modular equipment platforms are an excellent and underused mechanism for the storage of industrial equipment that is not appropriate for storage on the main floor of a workspace.

Modular Equipment Platforms

This includes granulators, compressors, and dozens of other equipment items that are useful but take up too much room and are constantly in the way when they are stored in the main room or on the main floor of a workspace.

How Modular Equipment Platforms Improve Workspaces

Any employee who has ever worked in a space where the work area is cluttered by equipment knows just what an annoyance it can be.

In addition to being inefficient and slowing down the important work that is being done, it can also pose a significant risk to health and safety to have equipment stored on the main work floor. This relates to the hazards to tripping and falls as well as having compressed gases and other hazardous materials located close to active workspaces.

Having air compressors and other similar work equipment stored on modular equipment platforms means that this equipment is still easily available and accessible whenever it is required, but that it is raised up on an elevated platform where it is no longer a direct hazard.

This type of equipment allows for safe and convenient storage as well as regular maintenance, operation, and use of the equipment itself as needed.

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