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Office, corporate and commercial operations rely heavily on storage solutions to keep files, supplies and inventory well-organized and to ensure that business runs smoothly.  In today’s competitive environment, business owners are faced with the task of trying to introduce effective filing systems and office supply storage solutions into their office environment, while reducing the costs associated with file management systems. We know that the proper filing solutions may not only involve finding the perfect storage cabinets for your paper filing system, but may require installation of shelving or multi-media storage to provide an effective records management solution overall.

Office shelving and storage solutions can run the gamut from archival records storage, open shelf filing, stationary shelving, bookcases and cabinets to mobile shelving filing units and carts.

Depending on your specific business requirements, the system may require a mixture of mobile shelving, lateral filing systems and commercial shelving.  Many of these various methods of storing records can be customized or modified to accommodate your space considerations.

We are dedicated to realizing efficiencies to improve the quality of office, corporate and commercial records operations – regardless of what industry you serve.  We offer a free site visit for an initial analysis of your current storage solutions – and can recommend alternatives to design a workable solution to meet your unique business needs.

Our logistics professionals are ISO certified and CSA trained, and we continuously maintain our formal quality system to meet all ISO 9002 requirements.  Regardless of the level of challenge, Shelving + Rack Systems guarantees successful system performance.

All of us at Shelving + Rack Systems strive to develop relationships with manufacturers that provide high quality at a value price.

Shelving + Rack Systems is your complete source for office and commercial and office system solutions, we offer the ideas and equipment you need from quality manufacturers at competitive prices.


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