Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving system
s offer an innovative design that allow venues to store more of “it” in far less space; these systems often improve actual storage capacity by as much as 80% or more, as compared to standard shelving.

And, because our team is dedicated to providing superior performance with all Shelving + Rack Systems products, we’ll even custom-design a solution for your specific application.

How it works:

Mobile shelving systems eliminate the need for “fixed” aisles, instead utilizing just a single, moveable aisle (which shifts to allow access to shelves as needed).

Additionally, our carriages are built to accommodate your venue’s existing equipment, regardless of whether you’re currently employing…

  • Four-Post Industrial Steel Shelving
  • Allstor Rivet Shelving
  • Wire Shelving
  • Industrial Clip Type Shelving
  • Widespan Bulk Rack
  • Modular Drawers
  • Office Tab Style

…or just simple storage and file cabinets. These systems are available in lateral or compacting designs with ADA approved tracks, and can be ordered in manual, mechanical assist or electric configurations.

To learn more about Shelving + Rack Systems’ shelving units, or to request a quote for your location, please call 1-844-589-RACK (7225) or complete the form to your left.


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