X-Ray Storage


Fortunately, SRS offers a plethora of solutions to manage them.Based on the specifics of your practice (including space, budget and volume of x-rays to store), SRS can develop a custom-tailored solution and have it installed directly at your location. Among other features, you’ll be glad to note that:

  • All x-ray storage products can be configured to match your specific needs. From adjustable shelves to an assortment of dividers and safety features, you’ll rest easy knowing we’ve sheltered your files in a remarkable system.
  • Our systems account for the possibility of growth, so scaling upward is no problem. And, when the time comes for updating a new system, we’ll have the information we need to move you through the process quickly.
  • Because we’re dedicated to long-term solutions, all x-ray storage systems are engineered and manufactured from high-quality, durable materials. When used properly, there’s no reason a system wouldn’t last for a decade or more.

We recognize that getting your products in place quickly is a prime concern for most customers. As such, SRS offers a wide variety of shipping options, with rush delivery and installation available.

Most important to us, however, is that our customers feel well represented in the products they receive. Please contact us today to begin discussing your product, or to learn more about our commitment to customer service.


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