Pallet Rack Mezzanines for Sale in Michigan

If you are concerned with the available space in your storage facility or fulfillment center and you are looking for a pallet rack mezzanine that is built to last and priced competitively SRS Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can help. Since 1979 SRS has been providing companies with reliable used and new storage equipment that increases space, improves workflow, and enhances productivity.

Pallet Rack Mezzanine

Just in case you are only beginning to get acquainted with what a pallet rack mezzanine is, here is a brief run down to familiarize you before you buy. A pallet rack mezzanine (sometimes called a “catwalk system”) is a high bay, free-standing or self-supported steel pallet racking system with walkways in the aisles between the racks. These aisles are usually big enough for trucks to run up and down them that can load and unload standard sized pallets full of inventory. Most mezzanines extend from the floor to the ceiling of a warehouse, but they are often fully adjustable.

Mezzanines and Equipment Platforms


Pallet rack mezzanines provide a lot of extra, high-density storage. They are easy to install and expand and create safe spaces to load and unload pallets. These massive structures often double or even triple floor space in your warehouse or fulfillment center. They are especially great storage solutions for businesses that require extra storage space but are not able to move into a bigger building to accommodate that need.


SRS sales several diverse types of mezzanines in a variety of configurations. If you choose pallet rack mezzanines or any other mezzanines with catwalks, you can customize the decks with open bar grating, plank grating or solid decking, or a combination of these. SRS also sales a variety of accessories for each type of mezzanine.

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Whatever you need, SRS can help make space work for you.




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