Pallet Rack Supported Mezzanine in Michigan

A mezzanine, or “catwalk,” is an upper-level access platform for your warehouse. These walkways can be a useful tool in maximizing your square foot storage space. Pallet rack supported mezzanine solutions utilize the pallet rack structures for support, which means they are flexible and highly cost-efficient.

With the rack extended vertically, the pallet rack supported mezzanine system is directly attached to the racking system, and walkways fit between the aisles, typically with a staircase or lift for upper-level access.

Maximize Your Space Efficiency

By increasing your storage capacity vertically, you can achieve a higher storage density in the same space. Maximizing square footage is a critical component of cost efficiency.

Personnel will find it easy to navigate the upper tiers of your storage area via convenient stair access placed at the edge of the mezzanine. The sturdy structure makes for a safe and familiar storage environment that mirrors the layout below.

It is quick and easy to train staff in using additional storage tiers, while you get the most out of your space.

pallet rack supported mezzanine

Quick and Adaptable Solution

Crucially, pallet rack supported mezzanines are adaptable to most existing pallet racking. This means you do not need to start from scratch when planning your warehouse. The simplicity of the pallet rack supported mezzanine solutions means installing them is fast, easy and safe. They can be an ideal solution when your business needs additional storage on a temporary basis.

Pallet rack supported mezzanines can be equally useful in the long term, as their design does not need to disrupt an existing pallet rack configuration.

The mezzanine can be set at any height required to maximize efficient use of your warehouse. Additionally, it is easy to limit the area of the upper level to a portion of your space to keep space available for forklift truck access or other high vertical storage use cases.

Your existing architecture provides the basis for the mezzanine, which makes a pallet rack supported solution ideal for saving money and maintaining a standardized storage approach.

pallet rack supported

Safety and Planning

As with all storage solutions, it is crucial to factor weight into consideration when planning your mezzanine. Increasing the height of your racks vertically can cause additional strain, as well as the mezzanine platforms themselves and personnel traversing the catwalk. However, with proper planning and risk assessment, this should not pose an issue.

For mezzanine solutions without lift access, it is important to consider that personnel may need to retrieve items from an upper tier via stair access. Goods and materials stored in the upper levels should reflect this possible limitation.

As a pallet rack-based solution, it is easy to extend and adapt existing sprinkler systems to your extended storage levels.

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