Pallet Racks for Sale Online in Michigan

 Pallet Racks

The successful operation of your business depends significantly on how well you meet the demands of your customers. Customers demand products and services in a prompt and cost-effective way, and one of the keys to keeping your customers happy is a with organized storage solutions that improve your productivity and customer service.

Pallet racks have been a favorite storage solution for warehouses and distribution centers for decades as they allow you to increase your storage space by maximizing the vertical space available in your warehouse and allow better access to inventory.

Here at Shelving + Rack Systems, we have the best range of pallet racks and accessories available online to create the perfect custom storage solution for your company.

Pallet rack configurations can be customized to suit the specific storage needs of your company to optimize your space and minimize your costs. All you need to do is measure the storage space you have available including any unusual features such as lowered ceilings or fire safety features.

Our trained customer services representatives are available to help you select the right pallet rack system for your business. Choose the popular selective pallet racking system which allows you to unload new pallets without disturbing other pallets on the rack for more efficient use of your storage area.

Or, try the structural pallet racking system which has the shelving bolted to the beams and is suited for more heavy-duty items or where there is a risk of damage.

We also have pallet flow racking systems available for that business which operates on a first in – first out inventory handling policy. This allows businesses with a high product turnover to operate efficiently by using gravity to assist with access to their product.

We offer a full range of new and used material handling and storage equipment from quality manufacturers at competitive prices.




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