Portable Work Platforms in Michigan

Work platforms enhance your operations and increase flexibility. Portable work platforms, on the other hand, take care of flexibility without compromising your space. They help when creating mobile workstations whenever the need arises. We have a variety of portable work platforms for different needs; both industrial and small scale.

Why Do You Need A Portable Work Platform?

They increase efficiency and speed with which activities get done. Portable work platforms also come in handy when handling rush jobs or new construction sites without any pre-existing structures to work with.

Work Platforms

Safety First

Good equipment minimizes the risk of injury. Safety should be a priority especially when investing in raised platforms. Secondly, consider the material of the work platforms. How durable is it? Will the platform require constant maintenance and repairs? Can it withstand varying weights and temperature conditions?

A material with low heat resistance might give in when used in the boiler room for example. Imagine if your employee is standing on that platform as it breaks. The results can be catastrophic. Finally, invest in work platforms with anti-slip threads. They offer better protection in the event of liquid spills while working.

Features to Look For

portable work platforms

A good portable work platform should fold compact and occupy the least storage space. It should also be quick and easy to re-assemble. They should accommodate workers of different heights and weights. The secret here lies in the construction material used.

Unlike modular platforms, portable work platforms serve you better if they can be stacked together to resemble a walkway. That way, you only need a few of them for different functions. Aluminum, fiberglass, and steel are the common work platforms construction materials. These two are robust and offer a firm platform. They are also slower to wear and tear and therefore last longer even with multiple uses.

Whichever solution you choose, versatility should be your key priority. Will your portable work platforms fit in the warehouse and still fit in the production room?

We offer a full range of new and used material handling and storage equipment from quality manufacturers at competitive prices. Call and let us start working for you today.



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