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24V Flat Motor Conveyors

Though not all conveyor systems use motors, motor-powered line conveyor belts are a fast and efficient way to move goods. They can be used in picking systems and other warehouse and factory applications, and can accommodate entire pallets of goods.

Flat motor-driven roller conveyors are an especially safe and efficient way to move goods around a factory or warehouse. Small, 24-volt motors can be used to improve efficiency, reduce noise, and move products more safely than before.

Benefits of 24V Flat Motor Conveyors

Different pressure accumulation options exist for line conveyor systems. Minimizing pressure accumulation is important for preventing operational problems and damaged goods, so conveyor systems must be carefully designed with the right motors.

Zero pressure accumulation systems are designed with individual 24V motors. These motors are attached to individual sections of the conveyor so that each section only moves when needed.

Energy Efficiency

Conveyor belts need smooth, reliable motors in order to move goods. Warehouse managers are also concerned with energy costs which makes energy-efficient equipment a priority.

Fortunately, 24V motors can be both energy-efficient and fast. They only move sections of the conveyor belt when needed, reducing wasted energy and electricity costs.

Speed Adjustments

Motors should be able to have their speed adjusted in order to maximize operational efficiency. Conveyor belts can move goods between 25 and 120 feet per minute, but speeds that are too fast cause goods to pile up at the end.

Most 24V flat motor conveyors are designed to automatically adjust their speed to move goods at an appropriate rate. With modern software, companies can tweak systems as needed to accomplish operational goals.

Size and Volume

Compared to larger motors, 24V motors are much smaller and quieter. This can help greatly when installing narrow conveyor belts for smaller goods. Also, employees can hear each other more easily and do not need as much hearing protection.

Conveyor Solutions

Shelving + Rack Systems specializes in conveyor belts, racking, and storage needs for warehouses and factories of any size. We can work with you to provide custom picking and storage solutions, including fully-automated conveyor systems.

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