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Rails, Protectors & Barriers

Rails, Protectors & Barriers

Rails, protectors, and safety barriers enable you to maintain a safe environment for employees and customers. Here at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. we offer several types of highly visible protective barriers and guard rail systems designed to keep both people and machinery safe. Today’s work environment is fast-paced and increasingly demanding. Due to the speed necessary to maintain a functional business, it’s crucial that work environments take proper safety precautions. This protects employees from injury, machinery from damage, and profit margins from untimely delays due to accidents.

Wrap-Around Guards

One of the kinds of barriers we offer is called a wrap-around guard. These types of rails offer fall protection for workers, in addition to drastically decreasing the high costs associated with forklift collisions and resulting equipment, machinery, handling equipment, and shelving damage.

A small investment in safety measures can make a huge difference in the long run. Our wrap-around guards are built to protect employees from serious, dangerous, and even fatal collisions with machinery and vehicles in operation on the job site. This, in turn, helps to protect the employer from liability and any resulting costs.


Bollards’ utility extends far beyond protecting industrial equipment from forklift-associated damage; they are useful in both indoor and outdoor spaces. They’re also available in many forms and materials, from heavy-duty, pour-in-place construction to chrome-plated, steel-covered, and plastic-covered models. We also offer less permanent, easy access, options such as folding, removable, and movable bollards. Our ornamental bollards provide you with an option that’s both aesthetic and functional–perfect for spaces that see more public traffic.

Like wrap-around guards, bollards can be used to protect workers from injury and employers from liability.

Column Protectors

Column protectors are easy to install wherever you need them: around shelving columns, support beams, or other vertical obstacles. These types of rails protect workplace infrastructure from accidents while simultaneously protecting everyone and all other equipment in the surrounding environment.

In addition, the bright, vibrant yellow of the column protectors helps to distinguish and demarcate hazards within the workplace. It serves as a constant reminder to everyone in the environment of the potential hazards at play. This constant visual reminder of the necessity of safety helps to increase the overall safety of your workplace, the mindfulness of your employees, and the efficiency of your operation.

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