Resin Deck For Mezzanines

Resin Deck For Mezzanines In Michigan

The decision of decking material for a warehouse mezzanine is important to overall operations as this decision affects cost, safety, function, and application. Mezzanines, or elevated platforms, are created to increase work or storage areas by maximizing the capacity of the unused vertical space. Resin deck is becoming a popular choice for durability for live and dead pallet loads.

What Is Resin Deck?

Resin deck is the modern re-work solution for damaged floors in mezzanine industrial platforms or workstations. The floor panel is manufactured with a higher density of resin and wood fiber that is aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance. The panels can be easily installed over existing bar or plank grate floors or cracked concrete. Resin deck panels are environmentally safe and ergonomically functional for any desired LEED certification.

Benefits of Resin Deck

When resin deck panels are used to replace wood, concrete or grate, the resultant factors are the decrease in risk of injury, absenteeism and insurance claims. The ergonomic attributes of resin deck make for comfort in walking by lessening the tibial shock of walking on concrete and make for a surface more resilient than grate. It has been tested and proven as environmentally friendly in the reduced production of hydrogen ions, net energy savings at the end of its life cycle and reduced carbon emissions.

Resin deck is recommended for mezzanines requiring a solid floor. The panels are skid-resistant and can withstand a heavy load capacity where a “finished” floor look is desired. These benefits are achieved at lower costs for installation and maintenance and less downtime during replacement. All benefits lead to a healthier work environment and

increases in the bottom line

Whether a mezzanine platform is used to accommodate growth in staff or to increase storage and product handling, then the professionals here at Shelving & Rack Systems can give technical guidance and advice specific to your operations and needs.

Contact us today and let us help you determine the most efficient and effective systems to improve the overall productivity of your warehouse, distribution or commercial operation.



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