Rolling Cantilever Rack for Sale in Michigan

When handling long resources such as pipes, tubes, wood, and construction materials, the best method for fast and easy access is the rolling cantilever rack.

Rolling cantilever racks are designed to hold long materials and reduce the strain on reaching and pulling out pieces by creating a smooth pull-out and push-in shelving option. Another aspect of this storage type is its space saving features. One rack with five shelves will save you six rows of storage space, as you can place five different materials in one easy to access rack.

Rolling Cantilever Rack

Another feature that rolling cantilever racks provide is defined compartmentalization, which means you can store different materials based on a specific category or material type in one place. You are not limited to five or six racks; you can have a system that reaches up to the ceiling, so long as you have the right equipment to reach up safely and take out or input materials.

An efficient, sturdy and safely accessible rolling cantilever rack system will save you a lot of time, energy, and space for materials handling, as well as provide a great selling tool if used in a shop or wholesaling depot. These systems can also be mobile, enabling you to move them around when needed for better performance and accessibility.

The experience and professional expertise you receive at Shelving + Rack Systems will assure you purchase the correct system that is best suited for your requirements. After a brief discussion with our experts, together you plan both the design and the installation requirements for the most cost-efficient and operationally excellent rolling cantilever rack system that provides you with immediate satisfaction.

We offer a full range of new and used material handling and storage equipment from quality manufacturers at competitive prices.



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