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Column Protectors

In today’s fast-paced, deadline driven business environment, the speed at which materials are moved through an operation is crucial. In a typical warehouse setting, many forklift trucks are operating at once to get products to their destination promptly.

Warehouse accidents result in significant financial and productivity losses that can be reduced or prevented altogether through appropriate safety measures. One of these safety measures is the installation of yellow, plastic column protectors.

Not only do column protectors help to reduce the risk of an accident occurring, but they also absorb blunt force if a collision does occur, preventing or significantly reducing the impact of the collision on the warehouse infrastructure.

Protect Your Workspace, Infrastructure, and Employees

Damaged posts and pallet racks are a major safety concern in any warehouse or industrial workspace, and column protectors are a simple solution to prevent and reduce associated risks.

Column protectors are easily installed around support beams, shelving columns, and other vertical obstacles in the workplace. In addition to preventing damage to the infrastructure and the expenses associated with this, column protectors prevent accidents that could cause workplace injuries to employees.

Investing in safety equipment, such as column guards, improves worker safety and decreases liability to businesses in the event of an accident.

Column Protector Features

The bright yellow color of column protectors provides a visual reminder of potential occupational hazards to equipment, operators, and employees. Column protectors are constructed from rustproof recycled plastic or polyethylene, ensuring years of use without water-related damage. They can withstand even the harshest of winter and summer temperatures.

These column guards can protect columns of all shapes and sizes, including round and square posts as well as I-beam construction beams. They come in multiple dimensions to fit a variety of needs and include premium, standard, and slim models.

They are ideal for long-term use and sturdy enough to withstand high-impact collisions. Installation of these column guards is simple thanks to Velcro straps or bolt together and a simple design. Some models can be mounted into the flooring for additional security.

Reduce Expenses Associated with Accidents

A single incident involving a forklift and a shelving unit can result in thousands of dollars of damage to machinery and physical infrastructure, as well as the potential losses in productivity and inventory associated with such a collision.

Column protectors are an investment in workplace safety and the prevention of accidents.

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