Machinery Guards


At Shelving + Rack Systems, we’re aware that robots and machines are an enormous investment (as well as potentially fatal safety hazards).
Because we’re committed to preserving the safety of both your employees and your equipment, we offer a diverse body of products specifically designed to improve facility safety and lower risk.

Among these products are…

Wirecrafters’ RapidWire HD wire mesh screening – Adaptable for machinery of any size and shape, this modular, fully-framed wire mesh partition brings a durable, time-tested approach to securing equipment. Likewise, the addition of gates, locks, powered doors, electro-mechanically interlocked doors and other options may all be integrated as needed.

Guard Rails – Our guard rails are capable of withstanding a 10,000 lb. load moving at four miles per hour, and are a perfect solution for machinery at risk of forklift collision.

Bollards – By bringing both visual and physical cues for forklift drivers, bollards help keep personnel away from risky areas.

Rack Guards – Essentially a backboard for pallet racks, rack guards help prevent dangerous interaction between falling inventory and everything below.

Netting – A simple (and effective) solution for increasing awareness of machinery and preventing low-power collisions and falls.

Regardless of the challenges your location faces, Shelving + Rack Systems can help. To learn more about our available solutions, or to request a quote, please contact us by calling 1-844-589-RACK (7225) or by completing the form to your left.


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