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Offset Backstop Beams

Over time, we’ve come to realize that one of our customers’ most common concerns is that a forklift operator may inadvertently place a pallet on a rack too far back, thus causing it to tip unsafely or—worse yet—fall. Similarly, other customers are finding that building walls are being damaged by the pallets resting against them.

In many instances, these potentially serious situations can be easily avoided with the installation of Shelving + Rack Systems’ offset pallet rack backstop beams. These beams provide a positive “stop” for the forklift operator, thus informing them in a safe way that they have reached the back of the pallet rack.

Offset backstop beams are horizontal shelf beams that are attached to and offset from the rear face of the rack, flush beams are even with the outside of the rack. More commonly they will be offset to provide a gap from the back of the pallet rack to the backstop beam anywhere from 1” to 12”. They provide a physical stop to prevent pallets from falling behind the racks.

What Is a Pallet Offset?

As an example, many pallets are 48” deep, generally stored on a 42” deep shelf level, when the load is centered it leavesa 3” overhang at the front and back.

Without backstop beams as guides, the possibility of accident increases.

Storing pallets too deep without a backstop beam can damage wall panels in refrigerator/freezer applications, a very costly mistake.

Backstop Beams and Offset Safety

The solution to offset these problems is the backstop or stop beam. You attach stop beams to the rear of the pallet rack system between two uprights, just above the shelf height on each level of the system. This will catch pallets that may slide off or are placed too deep on the rack.

The design of the beam provides an overhang to the rear of the storage unit to stop the pallet should the forklift operator go too far.
Avoid dangerous and expensive accidents by taking preventative measures to maximize safety by investing in offset backstop beams.


Made with high-quality materials, pallet offset backstop beams protect your inventory, personnel, and equipment.

In single rows of storage racks along a wall or an aisle, the pallet backstop beam will protect the walls from damage and bumps from pallets.

If the warehouse has two rows of storage racks back to back, the offset backstop beams will also preserve the integrity of both rows. A pallet pushed too deep can push against the pallets or beams on another rack, and this push can cause a domino effect causing costly damage.

Let our team of warehouse experts design a unique system to help protect your personnel and your business from expensive (and sometimes deadly) injuries resulting from falling pallets.


Installation of pallet offset stop beams is simple and quick. The ends of each offset stop beam are attached to the uprights with normal shelf beam end clamps or bolted to the uprights, either way at a height, which will stop the pallet as it is loaded on the shelf.

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