Rack Backing


Many customers have, over the years, expressed concern for the potential of boxes and palletized loads to be pushed too far back on racks and shelving and—as a result—falling to damage the people and machinery below. In fairness, the concern is a valid one.

Fortunately, Shelving + Rack Systems carries a number of solutions geared to prevent this dangerous occurrence from ever seeing realization in your warehouse. Let our seasoned staff design a customized netting system specifically for your location, your rack and your product

Our barrier and partitionnetting solutions, rack and pallet guard systems, and conveyor guard products can help usher in new eras of safety and efficiency in your material handling operations, protecting against both injury and loss. We also have a line of mezzanine guards that offer immediate, cost-effective fall protection for just about any application.

Options include:

  • Steel Wire Mesh RackBack
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Mesh
  • Synthetic Safety Mesh Systems

These products, in conjunction with our other solutions, can help bring peace of mind and increased safety figures to your location.

To speak with a Shelving + Rack Systems representative in greater detail, or to place an order, please call us at 1-844-589-RACK (7225).


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