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Rack End Aisle Protectors

Rack End-Aisle Protectors

Rack end aisle protectors are a useful addition to any pallet racking system to protect against damage caused by forklift trucks. They are particularly beneficial in fast-paced, high volume warehouses where there is a lot of activity on a regular basis and therefore a higher risk of accidents involving forklift trucks.

The end of the aisle is the part of your racking system that is most likely to be damaged because this is where forklift traffic is the heaviest. Therefore, end aisle protectors can shield against damage caused by impact, which helps to protect your complete racking system investment.

End-aisle protectors are designed to preserve the life of a racking system and protect against damage without affecting the traffic flow through aisles, which is vital to keep your warehouse operation running smoothly and safely.

End-aisle protectors can be adapted to the design and specification of your pallet rack. They are usually powder coated safety yellow or another bright color, so workers and forklift operators can easily spot them.

How Rack End-Aisle Protectors Are Installed

The end-aisle protectors are installed to the floor of racking systems where damage by forklift trucks is most likely. They are made from heavy gauge steel and secured to the floor with anchor bolts. They are available in both left-side and right-side configurations to ensure a perfect fit.

If a collision does take place, the end aisle protector absorbs the impact, so the pallet rack system remains stable, and the loads remain in place.

Benefits of Using Rack End-Aisle Protectors

The main benefit of installing a rack end-aisle protector is to avoid collisions with a pallet rack that can damage the rack. A collision could cause the pallet rack system to collapse, which in turn could also cause serious injury to workers as well as damage to inventory.

Even when there is no apparent damage from a collision, the impact can cause a pallet rack system to become weaker. This can cause the racking system to become less effective and unable to carry such heavy loads in the future, which could lead to further problems. It could also cause safety issues, and so it is critical to maintain and protect the rack system by using a rack end-aisle protector.

Using end-aisle protectors can also prevent costly repairs as impact and damage are minimized, as well as reducing the likelihood of warehouse downtime, which could affect productivity and costs.

Shelving + Rack Systems offer a range of end-aisle protectors to help protect your racking systems. Rack-Pal is available in three varieties and provides the perfect choice for light to medium duty protection for the end of your aisles. We can also recommend a solution based on your specific requirements.

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