Shelving Supported Mezzanine in Michigan

To maximize every square foot of available space in a warehouse, the proper storage and shelving systems are of utmost importance. By scaling upward with a shelving system, warehouse capacity can increase tremendously.

Shelving Supported

The Proper Shelving Solution

Having a custom fit shelving supported mezzanine for your warehouse or plant can add a second level of space geared to your specifications.

Your current floorplan does not need to be reconfigured, as shelving supported mezzanines can be installed around your existing storage space, corners, windows, and support beams. Many of them can also access stairs.

Planning Out Your Needs

Every warehouse or plant will have its own unique features and requirements. Shelving supported mezzanines can provide you with not only the added shelf space but also catwalk flooring for the convenience of a second floor.

Shelf-top mezzanines can offer an easy solution to access the second level for added floor space to be used how you see fit, even as an office overlooking the entire operation.

As the shelving and flooring systems come in a variety of materials, you can select the appropriate style for your warehouse.

Using a steel bar, fiberglass, and stainless steel, these systems allow for air circulation and light. You will always be able to maintain the proper temperature and illumination levels as these open materials function well with any existing HVAC system.

All the shelving and flooring options are easy to clean, and the steel floor plate is perfect for food service operations as it complies with the expected sanitary standards in the industry.

For lighter loads, a resin floor panel is an excellent option. It has a non-skid surface, and it is durable enough to handle light pallet loads.

Shelving Supported Mezzanine

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