Storage and Material Handling Solutions for Automotive Companies

Automotive drawer system

The automotive industry is made up of a diverse range of companies, from dealerships to manufacturers and local mechanic shops and auto parts stores. Regardless of their niche, all these businesses have a common need for quality storage and material handling solutions

Dealing with heavy and delicate parts can be challenging, and without the right equipment, it can be difficult to keep track of inventory and maintain a well-organized workspace. Having the right equipment ensures that your inventory is properly stored and organized, making it easy to find and retrieve items when needed. 

Proper storage can also help to protect your inventory from damage, theft, and other potential hazards. With the right storage equipment, you can keep your automotive business running smoothly and avoid costly disruptions.

Automotive Shelving

Automotive shelving is a storage system that is specifically designed for use in automotive applications. Automotive shelving units are typically made from heavy-duty materials such as steel or aluminum and are often used with other storage systems, such as racks and cabinets. 

Automotive shelving can provide many benefits for an automotive parts company, including improved organization, increased storage space for auto parts storage, and easier access to stored items. It can also help protect stored items from damage and wear and free up floor space in your facility. Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc has a wide range of automotive shelving to suit your needs. 

Our high-capacity boltless shelving is lightweight but durable. Built from industrial-strength steel, these 16-gauge shelves are supported on 14-gauge beams, providing a stable and rigid structure that can support up to 4,000 lbs. per shelf. With no nuts, bolts, or shelving clips required for assembly, our shelves are quick and easy to set up.

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Modular drawer cabinets are designed to be easily reconfigured to meet the changing needs of a business. For example, if an automotive company needs to increase its automotive storage unit capacity, it can add more drawer modules to its existing cabinet. 

This flexibility makes modular drawer cabinets an ideal solution for constantly evolving businesses. These cabinets are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the rigors of an automotive environment. 

Our modular storage drawer cabinets are a great way to organize your space. Each cabinet has a forklift base, allowing for easy transport and storage layout reconfiguration. The high-performance drawer suspension can support up to 400 lbs. It is ideal for storing and organizing heavy automotive parts and die casts. 

The sleek design is perfect for any automotive facility, and the cabinets can be stacked or placed side by side to create a custom high-density storage solution. 

Mobile Cart Workstations

Mobile cart workstations allow employees to move around the shop floor and access tools and parts easily. This increases productivity and efficiency, as workers don’t waste time walking back and forth to get what they need. Mobile carts also improve safety by keeping tools and parts organized and within easy reach. 

Our three-shelved mobile carts provide plenty of room for storing supplies, paperwork, small parts, or equipment. The cart is made from prime cold rolled steel, and the shelves are adjustable, so you can customize the height to suit your needs. The top features a non-skid mat to keep any component placed on the cart secure, even during transit.

The carts have heavy-duty 1,000-lb. weight capacity caster wheels, making them easy to move around the parts department, and they come with built-in brakes to keep them securely in place.

Conveyor Belts

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Conveyor belts are a vital part of any automotive assembly plant. They move parts and components from one station to another and transport finished vehicles to the shipping area. Conveyor belts are extremely efficient and can help improve throughput and reduce costs. They are versatile and can be configured to meet the specific needs of an assembly plant. 

For example, conveyor belts can be equipped with sensors that detect when a vehicle is in the correct position for assembly. This helps ensure that the assembly process is efficient and accurate. Conveyor belts are also durable, requiring little maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution for automotive assembly plants.

Our heavy-duty roller conveyor is designed for larger, heavier items. The rollers are made from 16-gauge galvanized steel for lasting durability and strength, and the spring-loaded hex axles offer a smooth rolling motion to prevent damage to automotive components.

Improve Efficiency at Your Automotive Company With Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc.

We understand that time is money at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality shelving and racking solutions designed to help automotive companies increase efficiency and optimize workflows. Our expertise in material handling and storage means we can provide tailored solutions for your needs. 

From mezzanine systems to conveyors, we have the products and services you need to improve your bottom line. Contact us at (800) 589-7225 to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.