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The Tray™ Issue #22 – Leveling Up: Double Your Floor Space with Mezzanines

The Tray™ Issue #22 – Leveling Up: Double Your Floor Space with Mezzanines

There are several use cases for doubling or tripling your facility, manufacturing, factory, plant, warehouse, or storage floor space in your existing location. Let’s dive in to how you can save floor space by going vertical with a mezzanine.

Multi-Purpose Mezzanine

Increase your manufacturing or warehousing capacity fast. Double your floorspace without incurring moving, renovation or new construction costs with a high-performance mezzanine.

Whether you need a little or a lot more floor space, there is a perfect mezzanine solution to fit your needs, your timing, and your budget. Our design engineers can help you transform unused vertical space into a profitable storage area. Based on your additional space requirements, we can show you precisely how your mezzanine will be configured within the existing layout of your facility, matching its exact height, area and load requirements.

Multi-Level Mezzanine

Install a multi-level mezzanine and maximize your cubic area for a greater ROI than any other growth alternative.

Effective warehouse management is an essential business skill. Between unexpected logistical issues, product handling and distribution, maintaining a productive operation is an ongoing challenge.

Increase efficiency with a multi-level mezzanine. Unlike new construction, which qualifies as a building modification, a mezzanine is a piece of capital equipment. You benefit from a full-fledged storage platform without the high costs associated with expansion or moving to a new facility.

Industrial Catwalk Mezzanine

An industrial catwalk mezzanine improves in-plant circulation and provides a secure work platform for overhead maintenance. Safely access and direct traffic around equipment.

Elaborate conveyor and sortation systems can leave a large footprint on your production floor. Built to work around your existing floor plan, mezzanine catwalks create walkway space above major process areas. Important equipment can be worked on from a solid surface that will not buckle or sway when in use.

Warehouse racks, high shelving and attic spaces can also be reached with ease. Your employees will remain safe when working at heights.

Online Distribution Mezzanine

Stock and ship a massive amount of inventory quickly and efficiently with a high-volume multi-level mezzanine design.

In today’s marketplace, vendors must offer a large selection of products in order to remain competitive. With a world of merchandise just a click away, shoppers expect to find exactly what they want, at the best price and with the fastest delivery.

For the seller, stocking, picking, and shipping these items is an enormous feat. Speed and organization are key. The addition of a mezzanine can easily double or triple the available workspace in your distribution center.

Seamlessly integrate shelving, racking, and conveyor systems to move your inventory quickly and efficiently.

In-Plant / Facility Office Mezzanine

Create a fully integrated in-plant or facility office above your production floor. Just another way a mezzanine can make your space work for you.

In a busy warehouse setting, office space must often be sacrificed in favor of larger production zones or storage areas. Paperwork accumulates and critical administrative tasks fall to the wayside without a designated work area. By creating a fully integrated in-plant office above your production floor, an office mezzanine will effectively put an end to these limitations. Create ample room for computer stations, filing cabinets and other office equipment.

Your elevated workspace remains near relevant operations without compromising production efficiency.

Parts Inventory Mezzanine

Maintaining an orderly Parts Department can be a daunting task. Install a mezzanine and create ample space for more parts, shelving, computer stations and other equipment.

Lack of proper inventory management can lead to overspending, or even worse, failure to supply service departments with sufficient materials needed to fill orders and make repairs. By installing a mezzanine, you create plenty of space for shelving units, computer stations and other equipment required for accurate inventory control. Increased square footage also facilitates traffic circulation and item accessibility.

Easy flow patterns through clearly marked inventory bays work to significantly boost speed and reduce pick costs for parts inventory.

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