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The Tray™ Issue #42 – Pallet Racking Storage System Solution

The Tray™ Issue #42 – Pallet Racking Storage System Solution

Warehouse Storage With Stronghold Cabinets

Pallet Racking Systems to Increase Storage Capacity

Pallet racking systems are used in warehouses and distribution centers worldwide as an efficient means to store inventory. High-quality pallet racks are typically made from heavy-gauge steel, giving them lasting durability and structural integrity. Heavy-duty racks can support tens of thousands of pounds of inventory, including building materials and large machinery.

Steel racks are usually made from roll-formed or structural steel. While roll-formed units are common for fulfillment centers or small storage facilities, structural racks are often needed for heavy pallet loads and industrial items like metal sheets or lumber.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking is one of the most common shelving rack systems as it is low cost and effective. This type of system is called selective because each pallet load can be accessed or selected individually by a forklift operator without moving other pallets.

While selective pallet racking isn’t designed for high-density storage, individual racks can be placed one behind the other, creating a double deep rack. This is a cost-effective approach to improving storage density.

Double Deep Rack

Double-deep racks are constructed by placing a row of selective racking behind another racking. By arranging selective racking in this fashion, you can create high-density storage space cheaply, with an increased storage capacity by up to 40%. Double deep racking is ideal for general manufacturing and warehousing purposes.

Push-Back Rack

In a push-back rack (or back racking) setup, all pallets are seated on carts that slide down when the pallet is retrieved. It’s similar to the way frozen foods (such as ice cream) are displayed at your local grocery store. When you pick up the item in the front row, the item from the back slides to the front position.

Push back racks are ideal for food-related or retail warehouse operations. As the loading and unloading of the pallets are completed on separate aisles, this setup cuts down on storage and pick up time, making it an ideal choice if your inventory gets retrieved at a high rate.

Drive-In Racking

Drive-in racks are high-density storage solutions that maximize storage space (horizontally and vertically) in your warehouse. This type of rack is ideal for

last in, first out (LIFO) storage systems with single-aisle access. By limiting the number of forklift aisles, this system allows for deeper, more compressed storage.

For businesses or warehouses that deal with high volumes of homogenous goods, drive-in racking is an excellent option. However, this type of racking may cost you more than it’s worth if your business is involved with large-scale items that differ in shape and size, like furniture or home appliances.

Structural Racking

Structural pallet racks are made from thicker, heavier steel and can withstand more weight per square inch than a roll-formed pallet rack.

Structural steel racking is engineered using hot-rolled raw iron. The manufacturing process results in durable, heavy-duty, and high-quality steel storage components. These parts display exemplary impact resistance. 

A structural pallet rack system can support a wide variety of heavy palletized goods and can withstand everyday damage from forklifts.

Pallet Flow Rack

A pallet flow rack system is a high-density, multi-deep storage solution consisting of upright frames and horizontal beams that support inclined roller lanes. In this system, the worker loads pallets into the rear of the rack with the assistance of entry guides.

The gravity-assisted roller lanes transport the pallets toward the front face for retrieval. Multiple pallet positions allow for high storage density, which is ideal for warehouses distributing goods with a high turnover rate.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a specialized storage option designed to hold bulky items. They are the preferred solution for facilities that deal with high volumes of heavy loads, like building material suppliers, plumbing supply warehouses, or lumber mills.

The heavy-duty steel storage system is uniquely constructed with large capacity requirements that seamlessly store long or awkward materials, from PVC pipes to steel bars.

Industrial cantilever racks are manufactured using heavy-gauge steel, ensuring they can meet the demands of everyday warehouse use. Cantilever rack inventory is dependent on forklift loading and retrieval, meaning it must be strong, reliable, and impact resistant.

DEA Storage Cages

WireCrafters brand Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) approved secured storage cages feature self-closing and self-locking doors, and wire mesh walls and ceiling panels constructed of a 2″ x 1″ 10 gauge wire. 2″ square steel support posts are spaced no more than 10′ apart, with welded-on base plates for lagging to the floor.

The walls of the drug storage cages have a minimum of 1 1/2″ horizontal reinforcement at least every 5′. The panels mount flush to floor, and utilize heavy 3/8″ hardware which is non-accessible from the exterior. WireCrafters panels are stackable to any height and clear spanning ceilings up to 30′.

Driver Cages

Driver access cages protect your company as well as visitors, vendors, and other warehouse or building personnel. Truck drivers, delivery people and other non-employees who enter your facility can be an insurance risk. Unauthorized personnel visiting your facility may unknowingly walk into active fork truck traffic areas, or into automated machinery work cells.

Security Cages

Cages are fully enclosed storage units used to hold valuable inventory, fragile goods, or potentially hazardous materials, like pharmaceuticals or chemicals. Most storage cages are built from wired steel panels for improved visibility, light circulation, and unrestricted air circulation. They typically have lockable doors or access points, ensuring only authorized staff has access.

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