Used Steel Mezzanines in Michigan

Used Steel Mezzanines

You have a large space and still need more floor area. Expansion is just not possible with real estate costs. You need a solution that is effective and fits within a budget. Consider adding a middle floor with used steel mezzanines.

Hear what our customers are saying

• Professional and on time
• Very knowledgeable sales team
• Works closely with our staff

Why used steel mezzanines

• Act as a middle floor in an existing space
• Cost significantly less than new construction and real estate
• Work around existing building areas
• Compatible with current HVAC, plumbing, and sprinkler systems
• Require less wiring than building a new space or floor
• Increase floor space by up to 50%
• Provide tax benefits for being classified as equipment rather than real estate

Used steel mezzanines are customizable for your location. With used products, the structure is ready to be built in an existing space and reduces project time. Used equipment allows your business to be flexible with expansions and seasonality without large investments or a costly lease. We are experts in creating affordable and professional spaces.



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