Vertical Lift Conveyor Systems In Michigan

The vertical lift, commonly referred to as a freight or material lift, is the most versatile of the conveyor systems in the transport of product between processing, storage and handling at multiple levels in a warehouse. It is considered the important component in the automated and retrieval systems in product movement.

Vertical Lift Conveyor Systems

Overview of Characteristics

Simply stated, this conveyor system uses a fixed vertical mast in traveling the length of the beam controlled manually or by a motor. Vertical conveyors can be equipped with telescoping plates, arms or belts to move goods either on and off a handling device or to an adjacent conveyor system. When vertical conveyors are used in a grouping, the built-in redundancies will not shut down the entire conveyor system should one component go offline.

A vertical lift conveyor system can function as an accumulation or buffering conveyor in a limited space while transporting the product to multiple levels within a facility. Although these systems may be similar to freight elevators in appearance, vertical conveyors are designed to move product, not people. These systems can be controlled manually or by sophisticated management systems.

Integration Considerations

Before a vertical lift conveyor system is integrated into current warehouse operations, it is imperative to communicate the functions of storage and the patterns of handling to an expert in product logistics. Consideration must be given to the current management and control software to understand the full effects of integration. These systems can be designed as a freestanding unit or may need to be designed into the structural integrity of the facility.

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