Vertical Lift Module: Optimum Storage Density in a Compact Footprint

When considering floor design for warehouse storage, the vertical lift module is a cutting-edge solution that can optimize the availability of space in any given area. This self-contained storage unit is advanced technology that will make product retrieval fast, easy, and accurate. The time it takes to perform inventory will be cut in half, and cataloging will become a breeze.

What is a Vertical Lift Module?

A vertical lift module also referred to as VLM, is a machine designed to retrieve products that are stored within the unit itself. There are two interior columns of shelves, and each shelf can support up to 2,200 pounds of stock. An insertion/extraction platform runs up and down the center of the machine, inserting or extracting items as directed.  

vertical carousel storage

Operator at vertical carousel storage in warehouse

Using the computer software that is installed in the vertical lift module, the machine operator must first request an item. Once it has been located and the specific tray containing the item has been found, the operator enters this new information into the control panel. The extractor would then move vertically between the two columns of shelves, find the tray where the product is located, pull it down and deliver it to the operator through an access window, or picking bay, that is located at ground level.

The vertical lift module recognizes the importance of worker comfort and ergonomics as well. The design of the picking bay area can be customized to suit the needs of the workforce, or it can be configured in relation to the space that is available.

Compact Footprint

The amount of floor space that is required by vertical lift modules is minimal, especially when considering the vast amount of products that can be stored in one unit. Companies can take advantage of the entire area between the floor and ceiling, condensing items vertically so that less floor space is required for the same amount of stock. It is a high density storage system that can expand your facility by 90%, especially when compared to other types of storage methods such as pallet racking.   

Automated System

The picking and packing process of warehouse work is made easy when trays of items are automatically extracted from the vertical lift module and placed on a system of conveyor belts where they can be easily accessed by robotic technology. This is the fully automated process of warehousing. Common issues such as labor costs, productivity, and efficiency are solved, especially with the installation of two or more units. Machines simultaneously working to locate and retrieve items will result in less time searching for items and a productivity output that is error free.  

Automated System

Conveyor for parts in an industrial enterprise. Modern equipment for winding electrical wires. Employment, work at the plant.

The Right Storage Solution for You

The vertical lift module provides a safe, sanitary storage system with optimal storage density. The compact storage design is achieved by vertical storage which has a high reaching capacity capable of meeting the needs of most distribution centers. The effective use of this overhead space, which will recover up to 90% of floor space, is one practical solution for small or constricted distribution areas.  

There may be no single answer when it comes to warehouse organization. Although warehouse and distribution centers may have numerous storage needs, the vertical lift modules can offer a safe storage solution that addresses most, if not all, of these needs.

The internal workings of the VLM move fast with up to 140 working trays in motion per hour. The design of the module provides the operator with complete control that is free of mistakes, an automatic stop option, high storage density, and tray adjustability that makes this storage system ideal.

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