Vertical Lift Modules for Sale Online in Michigan

Vertical Lift Modules

Whether you are a manufacturer, warehouse, distributor, or another commercial operator, you need efficient and effective systems to increase your overall productivity. Storage and retrieval systems for inventory and materials are critical to your operations as well as supply and distribution chains.

When you are facing a need to modernize or expand your systems, vertical lift modules offer the best economical solution while improving productivity at the same time. Going vertical can reduce required floor space by as much as 90%. The right application not only significantly increases storage capacity but also frees up space for other operations to expand.

A small footprint improves storage and retrieval times. Automation means bringing parts to you instead of you searching for the part. These systems eliminate 2/3 of walking.

Shelving + Rack Systems Inc. (SRS) is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This independent certification ensures our commitment to quality and documents our processes for safely and correctly installing your project. We offer turnkey systems including everything from design to permitting to installation to project management and more.

SRS solutions are not one size fits all. Our CAD designs and layout services provide accurate and timely solutions for today that are modifiable for tomorrow’s changing needs. We provide in-house fabrication meeting your unique applications.

Your operational and storage needs are fully met by our wide selection of machine sizes, tray depths, and widths. The dedicated management software can be fully integrated into your computer systems for an effective and labor efficient solution for material handling.

Large and small businesses realize tremendous benefits that only begin with the efficient use of floor space. Benefits go much further to include better inventory management, reduced audit times, reduced human error, and dramatically faster/accurate pick rates.

We offer a full range of new and used material handling and storage equipment from quality manufacturers at competitive prices.




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