Vertical Racking Systems in Michigan

Due to the way they’re shaped, storing goods such as tubes, rods, strips, and sections can take up a lot of space without an efficient storage system.

With proper vertical racking systems, you can be sure these products will be kept in an orderly and secure manner within environments such as warehouses and retail businesses. Vertical racking is one of the ideal systems for upright storage and the display of long items.

vertical racking systems

Types of vertical racking systems

While there are a few different types of vertical racking systems, below are the most common systems on the market.

• Vertical lift modules

Vertical lift modules are mainly used in warehouses and for industrial businesses. This storage system holds your stock in a system, bringing you what you need at the push of a button. With vertical lift modules in place, this helps to facilitate higher productivity and allow operations to be more efficient with faster service times.

Vertical lift modules also help to save space as they maximize the use of overhead space and requires minimal floor space. With vertical lift modules, you can also have real-time inventory management and ensure all valuable items are stored safely.

• Vertical carousels

Vertical carousels are convenient for industrial businesses that frequently ship a lot of products. Internally, they are made up of shelves and trays that vertically rotate in an oval pattern while having the product brought to you. This helps save time, reduce errors and allows inventory to be accurately tracked.

Like vertical lift modules, vertical carousels expand storage capacity by maximizing overhead space. If you have a lower ceiling in your warehouse, then vertical carousels are a good option for you. With a compact and dense storage design, they are also useful for companies that have products of the same dimensions.

Vertical Racking System

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