Vertical Sheet Metal Racks in Michigan

Heavy duty and long-lasting vertical sheet metal racks store sheet plastic, aluminum, plywood, and steel sheets upright, using less space, and reducing damage to the materials. These racks can save you money by storing materials efficiently and safely.
Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. offers an array of types of vertical sheet metal racks.

Vertical Sheet Metal Rack

Benefits of Vertical Sheet Metal Racks

Vertical Sheet Metal Racks are efficient because they help stop material from becoming damaged in storage. They also add a level of organization and easy access to your storage. Using vertical sheet metal racks helps regain floor space, adding to the organization of your storage area. We offer a full range of new and used material handling and storage equipment from quality manufacturers at competitive prices.

Vertical Sheet Metal Racks

Vertical Sheet Metal Rack Features

Our vertical sheet metal racks are made of steel for durability. They are constructed with tubular dividers on a square tube and angular base. These can be secured to the floor using anchors. They protect and organize your sheet material of all sizes. The standard sheet rack unit comes with four sections. The capacity per section is 1,500 lbs., and the floor attachment gives support while keeping the material safe and off the floor. The vertical sheet metal racks are made to last.

Why Vertical Sheet Metal Racks?

Vertical Sheet Metal Racks come in different sizes to fit your storage needs. Storing your materials upright saves floor space and creates a better organizational system in your area. You can easily organize your products by type, size, and material. Keeping your products off the floor protects them, and you from damage and accidents.

Let us help you determine the most efficient and effective systems to improve the overall productivity of your warehouse, distribution or commercial operation.



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