Vertical Shelving System for Sale in Michigan

Storage, warehousing, and material handling are integral components of any business that offers a physical product to their end clients. Unfortunately, this aspect of business is frequently overlooked when a business is looking to upgrade or increase efficiency.

However, the shelving that is used in a storage facility is an important determinant of shipping speed and thereby customer satisfaction. A well-organized storage space is efficient and results in cost savings as well as more satisfied customers.

Vertical Shelving System

Types of Shelving Systems for Your Storage Needs

Here at SRS-I, we offer a wide variety of shelving systems that can be configured to meet the storage need and dimensions of most warehouses.

Shelving is available in solid, wire, and mobile constructions. Whether you need to store many small items or fewer large bulky ones, there is a shelving system that can meet the unique challenges that different products present.

A vertical shelving system is a type of shelving that has multiple levels for storage. Typically, these are modular in design, and additional layers of levels can be added or subtracted as products change, and storage needs evolve.

Whether you are in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, industrial, or other sectors, there is a shelving system that can efficiently and safely store your product until it is shipped.

Storage Solutions and You

Whether you are in need of a vertical shelving system, a pallet rack mezzanine, or something else altogether, SRS-I Shelving and Rack Systems, Inc. is at your service. We will work together with you to design a material handling system that can meet your business’s needs.

Whether you need help with a complete overhaul of your warehousing system or simply a more modern vertical shelving system to replace an old unusable shelf, we are happy to discuss options that will suit your space and storage needs.

Let us be your trusted partner for all their storage and material handling concerns and contact us today.




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