Vertical Shelving Systems

VerticalSystem Our lift systems are the diamond choice of vertical shelving systems, due to their large storage capacity and ability to reduce ground space by 90%. The ideal solution for any warehouse: a fully automated vertical storage system for better storage and retrieval of any product in varying work environments increases the floor space available within a facility by utilizing the ceiling height available. 


Our vertical shelving system offers:

  • 4 possible combinations of picking bays: internal or external picking bays with either single-level or dual-level delivery.
  • Unit height modularity on 7.87” increments.
  • Tray storage adjustability providedon 0.98” increments.
  • High productivity with over 120 cycles/hour.
  • 4 available tray widths ranging between 74.80” and 161.41” with 2 available tray depths of 25.75” and 33.74”.
  • Unit capacity of 154,000 Lbs. GROSS /1,650 Lbs. NET per tray.
  • User friendly (intuitive user software and color touch screen type interface).
  • The ability to install two or more units adjacent to each other.
  • Dedicated management software to meet any client’s needs.